SNES Shadowrun

Welcome to the Development Wiki for the SNES Reboot Project. The purpose of this wiki is to provide a location where Shadowrun Returns (SRR) players can discuss and plan how to port the SNES version into SRR.

Since it is dedicated to planning, it will be more functional than “pretty”. Our time is dedicated to developing the module, not towards maintaining the wiki. Once we release, I’m sure you’ll agree that was a smart decision.

That being said, WIKI ADMIN WANTED! If you don’t have the editor, but want to be involved, we certainly could use a wiki admin. Contact Ledeir if interested.

For the latest news, click the adventure log tab. We will regularly post updates and videos there. Alternatively you can follow our youtube playlist.

Current Plans

To help with this project, we will utilize “The Amiral’s” extremely thorough walkthrough as an outline. He has given us his official approval and has earned a place as an unofficial team member.

The FAQ can be found here

Current plans call for this to be more of a “reboot” than a strict remake. We are going to copy the existing NPCs, plots, dialogues to the best of our ability, but we aren’t going to completely emulate the keyword mechanic. We also aren’t going to require the player use Jake, though that will be an option. For more details you can read Our Vision.