The Morticians

The game begins in the Morgue and the Morticians are important for moving the plot forward. I anticipate taking sizable liberties with the morticians since the two of them are largely interchangeable and their dialogue will need to be heavily reworked anyways (Plus copywrite issues). As such in this list I cannot guarantee the proper Mortician says the proper line. If you feel this is a concern, please leave a note with the corrections.

Person Description
Larry The head Mortician
Sam The assistant Mortician

Opening Dialogue as the morticians wheel Jake into the room.

  • Larry – “Brain burnt. They say some gang geeked him.”
  • Sam – “Yeah? He don’t look so dead.”
  • Larry – “Ahhh, he’s flatlined out.”
  • Sam – “We’ll take care of him… yeah, in the morning.”
  • Larry – “Yeah, Sam.”

The slab opens and Jake falls out.

  • Jake – “Oh, Ooooh my head.”
  • Jake – “My brain feels burnt…”
  • Jake – “Where am I? Who am I?”

Jake leaves the room and the morticians spot him. They flee for the closet.

  • Larry – “AAAAAAAAAARGH!”
  • Sam – “IT’S ALIVE!”

If Jake attempts to talk to them while they are in the closet.

  • Sam – “There is nobody here, but us… mice!”

Once disguised (with sunglasses) the following dialogue is available:

  • Dialogue / Larry – I haven’t got all day. What do you want?
  • Dialogue / Larry – Nice shades! Do you always wear them indoors?
  • Brush Off / Larry – Hurry up, will ya? I can feel my arteries hardening!
  • Brush off / Larry – Hurry up pal, I can feel my arteries hardening!
  • Brush off / Sam – I can’t talk to you and move my pen at the same time. Ask the other guy.
  • Ticket / Larry – The only way you’re gonna get a ticket from me chummer, is if I attach it to your big toe!
  • Ticket / Larry – The only way you’re gonna get a ticket from me pal, is if I attach it to your big toe!
  • Grinder / Larry / No Badge – No sightseers allowed! If ya ain’t family or you’re not a badge I’m afraid he stays with us!
  • Grinder / Larry / Badge – You Lone Star boys sure did him over good. His file and belongings are in the cabinet. Do you want me to quickly pull his file out for you?
  • Grinder / Sam – Somebody gave him an early retirement. We’ll ship what’s left of him tomorrow.
  • Dialogue / Larry / No Badge – What now? I’ve got to explain to our boss how one of our stiffs just got up and left!
  • Dialogue / Larry / No Badge – The ghoul just walked out the door! Sam and I made it into the closet just in time!
  • Dialogue / Larry / No Badge – You know, you look familiar.
  • Dialogue / Sam – Well that’s one more file out of the way. You wouldn’t believe the number of guys fragged today!
  • Dialogue / Sam – Hey Larry, where’s the little urn to ship number 8 in?

The Morticians

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