Tenth Street Morgue


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Region Keys

Region Keys need to be used to properly connect all the pieces together.

Region Key Description
TS_MORGUE_HALL The entrance to the Morgue.

Event Mapping

Waking the Dead

  • A conversation between The Morticians plays.
  • Jake falls off a slab in the Morgue without any gear. All he has is a Matchbox.
  • Examine your slab to learn your name. This spawns A Torn Paper.
  • You can find the Scalpel on the middle table.
  • Inside the refridgerator on the right you can find a Slap Patch.
  • You leave the room and the Morticians panic.

Return Visitor

  • You return without sunglasses – The Morticians panic.
  • You return with sunglasses – You can talk to the Morticians.

Lone Star Visitor

  • You return with the Lone Star Badge and obtain Grinder’s tickets.

Change Log

  • Initial version completed using popup bubbles for Mortician Dialogue
  • Second version completed replacing bubbles with Conversation. Added additional details.
  • 6/25/13: Release Candidate.

Pending Tasks

  • Change Mortician behavior. When Panic is triggered, they run for the door. Sam opens the door. Both run through door. Larry closes the door. (Having trouble with this)
  • Implement ReturnVistor conversations and logic.
  • Implement LoneStarVisitor conversations and logic.
  • Change opening behavior. Turn off the lights so you only see the conversation. Turn the lights on when Jake gets out of the slab.
  • Test the Scene Logic w/Shades w/Badge

Tenth Street Morgue

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