Grim Reaper Patron

Before Iced Tea

Dialogue I’ve had a rough day. I need some rest.
Dialogue Look, I just want to relax and unwind.
- I’m too tired, maybe later…

After Iced Tea

Dialogue Cheers chummer, my favorite too…
Dialogue I almost had them, I had the tickets in my hand! *SOB*SOB*
- I’m too beat. What was that?
Tickets Tickets to the Maria Mercurial concert. They were almost mine. I even gave Grinder the money!
Maria Maria Mercurial is the hottest thing in town! She doesn’t come by these parts too often.
Grinder Poor Grinder. He got wasted by Lone Star. The chop shop guys carried off what was left of him.

Grim Reaper Patron

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