Downtown Rust Stilettos Hideout


Dt rust stilletos

SRR Maps

Dt rust stilettos20130829
Dt rust stilettos road20130901


Region Keys

Region Keys need to be used to properly connect all the pieces together.

Region Key Description
DT_RustStilettos Downtown region with Rust Stilettos HQ. Road in front and interior.

Event Mapping


Dialogue with heavy dude when player enters scene.
Door into HQ needs DT00_IronKey to open.

Front Room

After the four initial enemies are defeated two more orks come from the kitchen.
One of them drops DT01_Crowbar when he dies.
Door to kitchen can be opened after these two orks are defeated.

Back Room

Gang Leader starts conversation when he dies.
He drops DT02_Password on his death.
Jetboy can find 2k¥.


DOWNTOWN – Rust Stilettos turf

Greeting – Back off, chummer. You’re on Rust Stiletto turf.
Talk – Get off our zone, drekhead… or I’ll wear your fingers as jewelry!
NO RESPONSE – You hard of hearing? You’ll be hard of breathing soon!
RUST STILLETOS – Well you found us! Now take off or I’ll feed you to the boss!

Greeting – You’re dead, Armitage! You’re dog-meat! DRAKE’S gonna fry you.Don’t even try running. You can’t hide from the Drake.
Talk – He’s gonna rip you apart, Armitage!
NO RESPONSE – I ain’t telling you nothing!
DRAKE – Drake’s not gonna let you live. You’re history!

Change Log

  • Initial version complete
  • dialogues done
  • mapping of road in front of HQ done
  • events mostly done
  • connection to downtown done
  • karma and nuyen mechanic implemented

Pending Tasks

  • lighting
  • event that jetboy can find 2k¥
  • loading screen
  • final placement and balancing of enemies
  • implement story variables
  • maybe text when iron key is used
  • remove DT00_IronKey from road once it drops at daley station

Last update on region: 31.08.2013

Downtown Rust Stilettos Hideout

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