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Region Keys

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Region Key Description
DT_JaggedNails The Jagged Nails Club where Kitsune hangs out.

Event Mapping

Waitress walks arround


Jagged Nails Entrance [DT09]
Talk to A Busy Man
“Get to the end of the line chummer.”

Talk to Bystander
“Get out of my space.”

Talk to Cruel Man

Talk to Cruel Man
“You don’t look like a regular, bowb. The Jagged Nail is for shadowrunners only. Come back when you’re a little less green.”
“Sorry, can’t help you tonight. You’ll need 50 nuyen and a good rep before you’ll grace the insides of these walls. Now jet!”
“Look bowb, if you don’t back off, I’m gonna bounce you right out of Seattle!”


Talk to Cruel Man
“Hoi chummer, always room for a true shadowrunner. You handled that Stilettos gang mighty fine.”
“It’s a bit busier than usual tonight. You wanna come in? 50 nuyen.”
Yes→”Alright, go right in buddy.”
No→”Wait in the line then.”
“I don’t know. Anyway, I’d better get back to weeding out these pretenders.”
”Since that guy who went batty on the dance floor, the Jagged Nails has been exclusively for shadowrunners.”
”As long as you got the money, you won’t be disappointed. If you need some magic, try Kitsune.”

Jagged Nails [DT16]
Talk to A Waitress
I’m your waitress for tonight. Is there anything I can get you?
I’d love to chat, but the boss would sack me.
Stick to what’s on the menu!

Talk to Club Manager
Hi, what can I get you?
I let Cecil do the socializing. I merely serve the customers, dear!
I don’t know… how about some juice?
Well seeing that you talked to Cecil, I suppose you can have them. Careful where you shine them though, they’re a bit hard on the eyes. *
“I can’t see what you’d ever want with a bunch of vampires.” *

Talk to Club Manager
Darling – nice outfit! Very street level. Not like some weirdos we’ve had in here. Unusual aftershave!
Oooh, oodles of entertainment tonight. Kitsune’s performing until twelve, and I get off at one.
Is there anything special I can get you?
Hmmmph! Well catch her act if you’ve got the time. She just uses this place as a cover to pick up on any good runs on offer.
Oh, so you’re one of that crowd. Well it’s who you know that counts! You should mingle a little… and there’s also Kitsune if you can get her off the stage.
Hmmm. Maybe I can help you, and maybe I can’t. For only 100 nuyen, I’ll put you in touch.
Yes→Here’s the number.
No→Never mind, she is too good for you anyway.
We get all types. We even had a vampire in here once. The strobes sent him catatonic. Took us fifteen minutes to realize he wasn’t doing some new dance craze. *
We just got a new lighting rig. Makes the place look much nicer. The old ones are around here somewhere.

Talk to Mage
You’d do well to get some experience on your side! Don’t listen to those technomancers… You’re always going to need some magic with you!
Don’t insult me! We’re talking more like 2000 nuyen if you want the magic on your side. Money buys power!
Quit stalling. Are we going to deal?
Mercenaries think some heavy hardware can handle anything. Remember though, chummer – when the ammo runs out, the magic can still save your skin!

Talk to Decker
Steelflight is my name. If you require a decker, I am sure I can be of service. The Matrix is my home.
An Elf of my skill does not come cheap!
You obviously can’t afford me, skinflint. Try looking downmarket. The Wastelands may be more your style.
If you seek magic for the job, no-one commands more power than she!
There are others, if you know where to look. Try a guy called Anders if you want some firepower.
What he lacks in style, he makes up for in power. He’s reliable at least. Not like the idiot who sets his hair on fire!
My services are not cheap… But they are worth every nuyen.
I rarely need their services. Althought Dr Maplethorpe is known to have the best in cyberware.
I have lived my life riding the Matrix. I know every inch intimately! My programs can cool any Ice. Security in the Matrix only protects against amateurs! *

Talk to Kitsune
You’re cute!
You don’t remember me, do you? Your spirit guide sent me to heal you before the morgue guys took you away. I got there just in time!
If only I could help you with that…
He will guide you in your destiny. Here, take these enchanted leaves. They will help you if you’re in trouble again.
I’m a shapeshifter, silly! What’s the matter, never seen a fox before?
As much as I hate to do this, I’m going to have to ask for 3000 nuyen if you want me on a run.
They say he’s very powerful. From what I’ve heard, someone at the Dark Blade knows where he haunts. *
Looks interesting… but I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Talk to Secretary *she answers the phone

Talk to Secretary she answers the phone
Hello. Dr Maplethorpe’s office.
The office is located just around the corner of the Aneki building.
I’m sorry but I’m afraid I can’t help you on that. Perhaps the doctor might be able to help you in person.
We have a extensive range of the latest additions and improvements to your body and mind.
The doctor doesn’t take calls. He’s a very busy man.

Talk to Shop Owner
The Mystic Talisman Shop. Moonriver speaking.
Shamanistic, talismatic, sorcery accoutrements and assorted fetishes. All guaranteed to be magic or your money back.
Sorry, can’t help you there. There’s a crazy horse next door who may be just what you’re after.
I have many items to help you cast your magic.
A shaman can find most anything he needs to give power to his spells. If I do not have it, then you best seek it yourself!
You need special plant to cast such a spell. I’m afraid I’ve sold them all.
It sounds like an item I used to deal in. I sell them no more.
Their leader, he be evil! Do not allow yourself to fall victim to his lies. You best beware. Best you do not contact them in person until you know their intentions. Their number is 826-661.
Creatures of the night fear little… except for a stake of wood…

Talk to Doorman
Hello. The Dark Blade Club. Johan speaking.
What can I help you with?
I’m sorry sir. I think you may have the wrong number!
You say it is an amulet with a bat at its center? My employer might be interested! Could you please drop by the Dark Blade. I’ll make sure the gate is left open for you.
That’s right. This is the Dark Blade club. What can I do for you?

Change Log

  • Initial version complete
  • Club mapped
  • static lighting
  • waitres walks
  • dialogs all done
  • connected to downtown
  • updated phone conversation to include Dark Blades and Doc M
  • Mission Items DT03_Leaves and DT04_Strobes can be obtained
  • Rust Stiletto Quest is connected to bouncers at the door

Pending Tasks

  • maybe flashing disco lights
  • hiring

Last update on region: 26.09.2013

Downtown Jagged Nails Club

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