Downtown Dr Maplethorpes Offices


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Region Keys

Region Keys need to be used to properly connect all the pieces together.

Region Key Description
DT_Doc Dr Maplethorpe’s.

Event Mapping

dialogue with secretary – done
secretary takes 2000¥ and opens door – done
doc greets player when he comes in – done
dialogue with doc
disarm cortex bomb


DOWNTOWN – Doc Maplethorpe’s office

Greeting – Welcome! How can I help you?
Talk – Mr. Maplethorpe is quite a busy man. Is there anything specific you need?
NO RESPONSE – Maybe you should come back later.
CORTEX BOMB – Oh no! I’ll get the doctor right away! He charges 2000 nuyen though.
YES – I’ll open the door for you.
NO – Oh well, he is busy anyway.
STREET DOC – This is the office of Mr. Maplethorpe MD. Can I help you?

enter Dr. Maplethorpe’s room
“Come on in Jake.”

Talk to (Street Doc)
Nice to meet you Jake. I hear you have a problem with your head.
Is that so? You couldn’t be a bit more specific could you?
Yes, nasty… Get up on the table here and I will disarm it immediately.
If you get into difficulty, maybe you should buy some of these slap patches. I sell them for 100 nuyen.
You’ve come to the best. I’m sure I can help, Jake.
Irrelevant! Stick to the facts, Jake.

while getting cortex bomb removed
“This won’t hurt a bit.”
“Once I’m finished here Jake, maybe you’d like to have a look at the Cyberware I have for sale.”

conversation window automatically re-initiated
“Jake, I’ve managed to remove the cortex bomb. It seems to have been fitted to protect your head computer. Whatever is stored in there must be very valuable.”
“The data in your head computer looks like some bio-storage graft. I couldn’t access it with my equipment. The maker is Matrix Systems, a little outfit over by the bay.
It’s over there on the bench. Have a look. The prices are very reasonable.
I’m afraid I can’t access it. You’ll have to find someone who knows what’s in there and how to get it out.
I know very little about them. Except their work mainly revolved around software for the Matrix.
If you get into difficulty, maybe you should buy some of these slap patches. I sell them for 100 nuyen.
Jake, I’ve got other work to do.

Ah, Skill Software. Not a bad choice. So you want to improve your leadership skills for a low 3,000 nuyen?

YES: Hop up on the table and I’ll load it directly into your memory.


Cyberware, Head Computer, Matrix Systems

Change Log

  • Initial version complete
  • loading screen done
  • connection to downtown done
  • dialogue with secretary done
  • door opening event done

Pending Tasks

  • dialogue with doc
  • more events (bomb, shop)
  • lighting

Last update on region: 01.09.2013

Downtown Dr Maplethorpes Offices

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