SNES Shadowrun

More fixes

Bug fixes are boring!
And I was supposed to have an early night tonight…
You can check the “bugs” page for more info.
Good night.

Version 1.3.1

Thought Downtown is still very bare, I pushed the latest version out.

Sadly I encountered several issues in my run through… Some will be fixed soon. Others will take longer.

- Morticians didn’t flee. (I was blocking their path)
- Black Screen on death
- Disguises aren’t showing in the morgue when using Jake
- Office Block very low spawn rate
- Door hiring doesn’t tell you when you are too poor to hire.
- Free XP in Graveyard and other locations.
- Graveyard freezing after Shaman
- Ghouls may need to be rebalanced.
- Calling Glutman from Cage doesn’t spawn him. You need to reenter the club.
- Leaving Sputnik teleports to caryard entrance
- Ed was performing the checkup for free and then paying you. Already fixed.

Some additional improvement ideas I had:
- Make Jake’s Bed reset spawn room
- Shrink Caryards (shorter from fight to heal)
- Consider combining OT shops into single scene (and linked building)

The latest version is available here



The Downtown Center map has been added. This is just the MAP. No NPCs or other things have been added to Downtown yet.

Provided you are not continuing a previous game of this module, the Rat Shaman Lair is also accessible. If you are continuing unfortunately the variable which locks the gate has already been set for your character.

- Quickly checked Hamfist logic. Appears to be working.
- Quickly Checked Orifice logic.
- Fixed Orifice cost
- Replaced Maria Spawner
- Fixed Glutman spawning
- Linked Rat Shaman Lair properly to Downtown map.
- Monorail is working for all locations (although it will continually spawn the ork ambush downtown.)

I have NOT thoroughly tested yet. I was just excited to share the Downtown map.
I probably should have waited until more progress was made.

Expect more updates later this weekend as I investigate the bugs people previously raised.

New Pictures of Downtown
Srr dt outside drake
Srr dt end of street

Slightly more Downtown added

There is now a big gaping hole just waiting for Drake Tower.
After that I need to build a little more road West and then the Wastelands club outside before this map is set.

There will be several attached maps to it as well.

  • Aneki Building and market (and, unfortunately, the Doctor)
  • Rust Stilleto’s Lair
  • Docks
  • Cemetery (already made thanks to Fohogoroh)

This way I can limit hostile NPCs on the main map (with the exception of everyone’s favorite snipers and hitmen) and have convenient save points.

Sadly I do not believe I’ll be able to finish the map before the weekend.

Srr dt outside v2

Slow going... Downtown

Mapping the outside of Down Town very slowly.Srr dt outside start

Come on, ride the train.

Daley station has been implemented.
Its currently a dead end though. And I didn’t check if you could actually get to it successfully.

Srr dt daley platform

LobbySrr dt daley lobby

Old Town mostly done!

Another small change day, but at least its proof I’m still working!

- Grim Reaper Club Waypoint added
- Added Old Town Talisman Shop Items
- Corrected Vivyan’s Gender
- Added Weapon Shop Items. Prices need to be adjusted. Interface needs to be improved. Descriptions need to be added
- Added Storage Locker for Stash access to Jake’s room
- Added crates for stash access to Caryard
- Rebalanced Caryard grind room
- Finished Sputnik club conversations
- Fixed (untested) Free reward on enemy fleeing
- Fixed (untested) accidental killing of Hirelings on TS Center

I’m hoping to have some sizable updates tomorrow. If things go well I will have the start of Down Town. I cannot promise it though.

Hirelings are a pain

Been busy working away on background logic.

This build needs to be THOROUGHLY tested.
I added / changed Hireling logic.
In the event your hireling does something unexpected, please let me know as much detail as possible.

- Added most of Sputnik Club. Will finish later this weekend.
- Fixed Talisman phone conversation
- Added Orifice
- Added Dances with Clams
- Fixed Hireling Spawning logic
- Switched Hamfist and Orifice’s weapons

Possible issues
- Leaving Sputnik sends to wrong point
- Possibly issues with Hirelings on return to Tenth Street

Small update.

The Sputnik Club
I’ll finish it this weekend, but I wanted to show the current state.

Srr ot sputnik

Bug Fixes. And call for status

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hamfist hiring logic to remove repetitive checks
  • Fixed Jangadance hiring conversation
  • Added Jangadance to on enter hiring conversations
  • Adding music (more or less randomly chosen) to outside Tenth Street scenes and Grim Reaper club
  • Cleaned up old / unused functions from Office Block
  • Fixed “free Karma/Nuyen” bug in Office Block. Fix: Remove tags which grant karma/nuyen. Better Fix Idea: Trigger tags on HP less than or equal to 0 rather than target kills triggering target
  • Verified that Hamfist is hire-able and will join party. He joins when you leave the club. If he still doesn’t join you on v1.2.6 let me know.
  • Fixed (in theory) “Kitsune Leaves party” issue. Unverified.
  • Fixed logic in Grim Reaper Patron conversation.


Anyone start working on their scenes yet?
I expect to finish Old Town this weekend (minus arena) and then map the outside of Downtown.
Let me know!


You can download the current pack from here
The link goes to a rar file on google docs. You should load it into the editor and make any additions you need to do directly into it. I’ll merge the files later.

The earlier version I was handing out was stripped down / gutted. This is the full version so you can see sample logic, etc. Please do not edit any of the existing scenes (unless you are the creator of them), or you are otherwise assigned to them. If you do the changes might be lost.


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