SNES Shadowrun

V2.0.0 is available

V2.0.0 is available on both steam and nexus.
I’ll be updating dropbox shortly.

Now that the obvious issues are fixed, or at least seemed to be, I look forward to seeing what new bugs SRR V1.2 introduced ;)


Even though the latest version isn’t published, it is in the dropbox…
I need to work on it more, but I’m in poor shape after the con. :(
On the bright side I met several SRR fans!


Fixes for Tenth Street Transition, Old Town Magic Shop, Old Town Weapon Shop


Updated for SRR1.2
Hopefully the transitions and lost items are all fixed.
Please make sure to grab the latest file from dropbox before making changes!
(if you already made changes, tell me what scenes to look at)

Dragonfall Update


Some of our followers might be concerned because I’ve been MUCH too quiet lately.
Never fear, the project is still going!

I was delaying any sizable changes because of some reported issues we had. Numerous people reported, and I verified, that downtown was stealing the missions items.

Needless to say this thoroughly broke things.

The good news is that it appears to be related to the SRR1.2 beta. Now that Dragonfall is out the problem seems to be resolved (at least in my unpublished test environment).

The bad news is a lot of scene transitions are now broken. Apparently the way object interaction was handled changed. Anything with “interaction distance 0” appears to no longer be clickable. Unfortunately a LOT of our transitions had that. I will be fixing that as soon as possible, its easy just time consuming. (Hopefully I’ll just be able to hack the text files)

In other news, those of you who have played Dragonfall already, tell me what you think of the matrix implementation in the APEX scene. I’m a little sad I didn’t release earlier because this is almost exactly the style I had in mind for Drake Tower. Any thoughts or suggestions on it?

Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting news to share soon.
I’ll be honest, I’m going to finish Dragonfall before posting a new update of the module.
I’ll resist adding Berlin props as long as possible, but I expect there will be a Dragon, and if there is we won’t have a choice but to add it. (You will know we’ve included Berlin when the version number increases to 2.0.0)


Very quick update with bug fixes on Bremerton.
On entering the ship you should not lose your team.
On spawning the Jester you should not become him.

Fountain fix is not in.
This module is known to have issues with SRR Version 1.2.0. These issues will be resolved when 1.2.0 is no longer in beta.


Merged in the improved Old Town graphics.
Smoke tested that links and transitions still work.
They all worked for me with the exception of the old town weapon shop.
I am hoping that was just a fluke because the logic looked right.

Added a “cheat” option to the Caryards sleep point.
If you don’t want to grind, you can get 25 free karma. You can repeat this several times if you want. It may or may not be disabled in the future.

Next update, once it is confirmed that this one works properly, will be posted to Nexus as well as Steam.

This module requires Geeked’s prop pack.
More information is available here


Drake Lobby Matrix implemented.
If you choose to ignore the password, you can fight some black ice instead.
Not balanced yet, the ice is pretty weak.
(and the next floor is pretty deadly)

Also fixed some small logic issues with Drake Tower floors 1 and 2.

Progress is much slower than I hoped, but I’m plugging away.
My goal is to release Floor 2’s matrix by Wednesday.
I can’t promise I’ll stick to it, but I’ll try.


V.1.10.0 – Merged in Foh’s changes. The inside of Bremerton isn’t there yet, waiting for props, instead you are taken directly to the Jester’s Realm. This is a Dot-Zero build, I did NOT have enough time to test it.


Small Bug Fixes to Tenth Street.
Did not thoroughly test.
Please comment here with any issues:

Unfixed Issues:
- Remove some of the Enter prompts
- Fix when hired runners leave team
- Changing crypts in the cemetary can earn free karma
- Neutral’s shouldn’t have turn during combat (except to hide)
- Enemies not spawning as expected in office block.


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