SNES Shadowrun


A long delayed update, sorry!

Fixed the “About” scene to make it more usable.
In the future it will be replaced with a configuration scene.



- Secret Room is complete, including invincibility cheat.
- Geeked updated a handful of maps.
- Ross updated his Steelflight portrait and added Akumi.

Let me know if you notice anything strange.
The next update will be small, updating the “About scene” then I move onto Drake Tower


I am partially excited about V2.0.4.4.
Of course there are no changes in this update.
Just ignore any beeping or dings you may hear when clicking on your character. ;)


Looks like the V2.0.4.X builds will be bug fixes rather than new features. There are a lot to address, some of which have been around MUCH too long.

You can track the progress here: v204x-walk-through-notes

Alternatively there is an active forum thread on it.

Dragonfall Key Giveaway

I’m giving away my extra kickstarter key for Dragonfall. (I had 3)

State of the Module Address

I am trying to nail down what we need to do to finally make it to beta.

1. Drake Tower Logic
2. Drake Volcano Logic
3. Aneki Building
4. Aneki Logic
5. Docks Matrix
6. Drake Matrix
7. Aneki Matrix
8. Balancing
9. Akimi Logic
10. Fix OnDeath logic
11. “Random Events” (the things which happen once but add flavor)
12. Jester Realm Logic

Am I missing anything?




Hopefully I have fixed all the spawning and behavior issues.
I fixed the major ones, then walked through to verify.
Of course I found more things to fix then which I didn’t verify.

Let me know if you see any issues.


First of two planned updates for today. This is the small stuff. Next should have logic fixes (and will be posted to Nexus as well as steam)

Updated Hamfist Photo
Updated Frogtongue Photo
Updated Jetboy Photo
Gutted Docks Matrix Logic. My experiment was not fun to play.
Made King challenge more accessible
Fixed Glutman Matrix so you can exit and enter multiple times.
Deleted old maps which are no longer used


Bremerton – Enter at your own risk.

There is logic and enemies and you might die. Its not at all balanced and its likely to be a hard fight. There’s also various issues with the spawning logic which I need to fix.

This build includes:
- Rust Stilletos DONT HAVE GEAR. Fixed. But they still won’t use grenades!
- Hired Spawners updated for Jangadance, Steelflight
- Updated Jagged Nails with Steelflight
- Updated templates for Jangadance, Steelflight
- Updated Grim Reaper with Jangadance
- Added Enemies and spawning logic. There are some issues like free XP and they haven’t been balanced.

Tomorrows build will include:
- Any critical bug fixes you point out.
- New Splatter portrait



- Made Jake’s door more obvious
- Bremerton maps included and transitions implemented
- Updated Hamfist and Frogtongue pictures
- Added Ooze/Slime to Bremerton
- Adding bottle logic, timebomb logic

I’ll be posting another update tomorrow to add the enemies to Bremerton as well as updating another hire-able runner’s picture (or more)

There are small bugs / issues with the logic, but I don’t think there is anything mod breaking. I probably already know about them, but please post to the bug thread if you encounter anything.


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