SNES Shadowrun

QA Training paid off!


It took several hours of investigating and trial and error BUT I found out what was causing the problem with the ghouls. I still had to implement a workaround, but hopefully the HBS devs will be able to fix it so YOU my loyal readers (and team members) won’t have to face the same problem.

Ghouls are now behaving normally.

Almost all the logic the cemetery requires is in place, including the scalpel and the injured shaman. I will put together a video of the cemetery on Monday most likely. Unless my convention planning goes much quicker than expected, I need to focus my efforts on that.

Fortunately the Tenth Street demo is mostly ready (for alpha release) so I don’t need to spend much time on it at the moment. I’m mostly waiting for the dev’s (who are quite busy getting the official game ready!) to help with my publishing problem. I’ll try to find a solution on my own, but it might be more productive to simply wait for them to fix the bug.

I look forward to getting this module out the door!

Good night.

Grave Robbing

The cemetery scene is almost complete. I have added the injured shaman and most of the mechanics for grave robbing.

I still need to add some tweaks, for instance you can currently loot graves forever (though eventually you stop receiving nuyen and just fight more ghouls).

Also, I’m pretty sure I could have drafted better logic for the scene, but it works so that’s what matters.

Once I figure out why the ghouls aren’t attacking I’ll post a video.

Sorry such a short update!

A Ghoulish Time

Today’s progress report – Ghouls.

The Ghouls are correctly spawning in the Tenth Street Cemetery. They are also getting stronger every time the complete set is killed.

They aren’t behaving correctly though. I want them to do the hit and run type attacks, they spawn, run up to you, attack and then the next turn they flee to a grave and disappear. They are instead standing there dumbly.

I’ll look into it more tomorrow. And I’ll add the injured shaman interaction.

Also, advanced warning. I am working a convention this weekend so expect me to make less progress than normal. (If you are in the area – CTCon)

Wish me luck with the Cemetery! (And the convention if you feel like as well)

Fully Mapped Cemetery

The Cemetery is fully mapped out now. I took some visual liberties so that the crypts wouldn’t all be the same.

I was unable to test it due to issues with the editor, but worst case scenario I can copy it into a new project and be fine. I expect I will need to fix the triggers once I am able to test it, but any work related to that will be negligible.

Here are screenshots of inside the four crypts. I need someone to make me a suitable stair prop for the exit. The closest they have currently are the estate stairs and those are HUGE.

Crypt 1
Srr tenth crypt1

Crypt 2
Srr tenth crypt2

Crypt 3
No clue how grass grows down there. The original was full of ferns/bushes. There were so many it might as well have been grass.
Srr tenth crypt3

Crypt 4
Srr tenth crypt4

Tomorrow night I should add the Ghoul spawning logic (and adjust the triggers as appropriate). I’ll post a video of the scene as soon as I get my editor issues resolved.

Once the Cemetery is done, I’ll add the remaining conversation to The Cage and then this level will be DONE.

I really hope my editor issues get resolved soon…

Beware of Ghouls

This will be another short update. I’ve been having some issues with the editor so that wasted a bunch of time. I already opened an issue with HBS to hopefully get it resolved, though I doubt I’ll hear back from them until Monday (after all, they are working hard, they should get to enjoy the fourth as well!).

I DO have something to show though. I’ve mapped out the cemetery and I’m fairly happy with how it looks. I need to spend a lot more time on it, since the Ghoul’s mechanic is a bit more complicated than normal enemy spawners.

I also have plans for how to implement this which will NOT result in a zillion loading screens. Instead of changing scenes when you enter a crypt, you will simply teleport to another camera region on the map. I doubt this will result in any particular trouble.

So here’s the first draft. With a little luck (and sleep deprivation) this scene will be ready by Monday.

Srr tenth cemetery

Some "brighter" news

As I said in my previous post, I’m stuck and can’t publish (yet).

That doesn’t mean I can’t work though.

I ended up spending a bunch more time than intended fixing The Cage tonight.

The latest incarnation fixes several issues, among them people standing IN the stage and lighting.

Srr tenth cage2

That actually gives this

The Cage Lighting

Roadblock. :(

I found a page with pictures of all the hire-able shadowrunners so I manually generated their appearance code. Once I get the sketches from Geeked and Doc Belmont the Resource Pack with NPCs will be ready to go.

I also tried to publish the resource pack as is, and that is where I hit a roadblock. I’ve been looking into it the better part of the night to no avail. The build fails, but the validation succeeds. I need to hear back from the forums on what I can do to troubleshoot.

So, I’m going to continue plugging away at things… But my plans to publish tomorrow night are looking unlikely.

On the plus side, I should be able to implement the cemetery this week. I had originally planned on leaving it out of the demo, but seeing as how I had an extra month to work on this, I don’t see any reason to leave it out.

Getting closer...


  • Sent out Prologue to Mcdougle to help with issues.
  • Fixed Dancers in The Cage
  • Added “Demo Over” text.
  • Changed Spawn percentages
  • Fixed spawn regions
  • Added DangerMod story variable, which will allow me to adjust game difficulty in the future.

To Do

  • Consider doubling the size of The Cage
  • Fix lighting in The Cage
  • Figure out why the content pack won’t publish locally.

If I figure out the last thing, I’ll be able to push the alpha build out…

Beware of Hitmen

Beware of Hitmen for they are implemented.


  • Added shadowrunner spawners to enable per job hiring.
  • Added logic for last minute Hamfist hiring
  • Fixed Shadowrunner issue. They now will properly follow you into new scenes.
  • Due to the spawners, each external scene needs its own hiring conversation. Added. This will require more work in the future.
  • Reworked prologue so that it is much easier to edit. Still can’t figure out how to avoid the character load screen after.
  • Added Hitman/Sniper Spawn points to outside maps.
  • Enabled Region Based spawning.

To Do

  • Add logic for last minute hiring for remaining characters. (Not needed for the demo)
  • Fix shadowrunners so that they actually can use their gear. Kitsune doesn’t have enough AP to cast manaball. Hamfist isn’t using his shotgun.
  • Fix default team of Hitmen/Snipers
  • Adjust Hitmen/Sniper tactics. They tend to hide. They should brazenly attack.
  • Make civilians flee from combat (or at least stop moving)
  • Implement “Skill Check / Conversation based” combat initiation.
  • Modify the spawn frequency. Currently its almost always spawning two snipers.
  • Fix Office Block logic so Hitmen don’t show up when Decker is present
Hiring and Hitmen

Another small update. Without starting on Old Town or making the cemetery, there isn’t much reason to record more videos so I’ll just give a simple bulleted list to let you know I’m still working on it.

I have the logic for hiring shadowrunners spec’ed out, and implemented most of the changes required for it (which was a lot of busy work). Of course its not working so I am waiting to see if anyone on the forums has advice. I also think I know how I will approach the hitmen.

Things continue to come together and my alpha release of Tenth Street is really soon. Hopefully this week.


  • Fixed door logic on Jake’s room to make it more obvious you need a key.
  • Karma gain is properly implemented. You receive karma on bed interaction.
  • Figured out logic for hired shadowrunners
  • Added Shadowrunner spawn points and updated trigger logic.
  • Updated Hamfist’s conversation with “On call” option and enabled him to join the party.
  • Added loyal citizen roamer and her conversation.
  • Stat’ed out Hitman and Sniper NPCs

To Do

  • Implement healing mechanic for bed.
  • Figure out why Hamfist won’t follow to other scenes after the first.
  • Implement hitmen.

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