SNES Shadowrun


Even though the latest version isn’t published, it is in the dropbox…
I need to work on it more, but I’m in poor shape after the con. :(
On the bright side I met several SRR fans!


Hope the con was lots of fun :)

Just let me know what part you will work on so that we won’t step on each others toes.


Also let me know if the weird Lone Star spawner bug is still in there. I can try to download the files and hunt for the bug with you guys or to recreate it in the editor on a test map.


Yes, it is still there.

Any help in finding and erasing it is very much apprechiated. I am not much of a programming guy, so have no more ideas what to do after i looked up stuff in the editor :(


Can someone PM me the details for the dropbox? I will try and see if I can figure out the lone star thing.


I have two idea for how to fix it, one probably doesn’t exist and the other I know will work.

Don’t worry about it, I just need my back to stop hurting long enough for me to sit at a computer.


I think I got it!
The characters were not spawning as “players” they were spawning as “guards”.
I need to see if this fixes the problem when you don’t have a full team as well, but it worked when you had a full team!


Oh man, ledeir, what happened to you at the con that your back hurts this bad? I hope you get better soon.

Congrats to the lonestar progress, you’re the man! :)


My back was iffy to begin with. Then there was not sleeping for 48 hours. Plus driving in Boston. And really I just need to take time to recover, but that would involve skipping work.

And its a bit of a hack fix. I’m sure there is a better way. Some of the hired runners were spawning as “Guard – blah” instead of “Player”. This made no difference on their spawn map, but when they moved to a different map they didn’t transfer into the player spawners. That was a legitimate issue.

The problem is, the spawners are always spawning even if you don’t have a full party. I’m not sure the right thing to do about that. So instead I just kill them off if you have a smaller party. So that’s a bit of a hack.

Hopefully it is working for everyone now.


Apologies if I’m misreading the above posts, but if your going about hiring in the exact same way that Shadowrun on the SNES does it, as through conversations and not a hiring screen, then that is exactly the same as how I handled hiring in my UGC series (Old Habits Die Hard).

To switch a npc over properly simply do the following:

  • change the npc over to team shadowrunners (prior to Dragonfall you only needed this step for it to work).
  • Set the npc as player controlled.

Do it in that order and it will work 100% of the time. If your sticking to the SNES games rules on party sizes (which if I remember right was a max of 3 runners), have a story integer variable (eg maxRunners), set that to 3 and have a currentPartyAmount int variable. When you add a new runner to the party add 1 to the currentPartyAmount after checking that it isn’t already at 3.

The annoying side is having to setup triggers each scene for checking for runner deaths. But it all works perfectly fine if followed correctly.

Hope that is of help.


The first problem was that some of the spawners weren’t properly set as player controlled. That was addressed earlier and things worked fine when you had a party. That was a pesky problem introduced by dragonfall.

The second problem was when you didn’t have any hired party members random 0 HP lone star actors spawned in their place on a new map. That was handled by killing them on load.

Unfortunately some of the maps have so many triggers they don’t get killed on time. So that leads to the current state / third issue. The default option seems to be that scenes don’t wait for all triggers to fire before loading, so now I need to go through the maps and check the box for each scene to fix that.

And aye, the death triggers are a pain! I’m just hoping those didn’t break as well. They should still be good.

(and this isn’t my most well written reply, sorry!)


One point to clarify, the problem wasn’t within a scene, it was on crossing scenes!
The player spawners weren’t cooperating.


I get ya. Made complete sense when I read it.

ledeir ledeir

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