SNES Shadowrun


Continued my earlier bug fixes. The hired runners conversations should all be fixed at this point. Their prices are not correct.
As long as no one points out any major mod breaking issues, the next build will be published both to steam and nexus.
Sadly time is really tight so I can’t thoroughly test myself. I will try and fix anything major fast though.

Rust Stilettos area outside:
What is the Iron Key for? Never saw a messege it was used or needed…
- Added popup message on use. (only a partial solution)

Jagged Nail Club:
Club Manager sells the street doc number several times, but it’s not payed even once.
- Fixed

Splatter, hiring options: no “Be on call”, one valid, one greyed outside
- Fixed. Unverified. Prices are temporary.

Steelflight, hiring options: no “Be on call”, one valid, one greyed out
- Fixed. Unverified. Prices are temporary.

hiring options: no “Be on call”, one valid, one greyed out.
- Fixed. Unverified. Prices are temporary.

Upon hiring, checking her inventory – Heal V
- Reduced to Heal 3. Fixed move speed. Did this through mass text file editing so confirmation needed.

Docks area:
upon entering, combat triggers, 2 skull symbols appeared next to the images of Kitsunge and my char. They disappeared seconds later
- Need to investigate. Most likely related to the “lone star spawn”.
- Adjusted the trigger order, not much else I can do at this point. Will continue thinking on it.

first warehouse, matrix: is somewhat buggy. First I triggered some IC, then my char got teleported halfway back, after clearing the map and getting both nodes, I clicked to make him move towards exit – suddenly he started running until he hit the wall (nowhere near I was clicking to begin with)
- The matrix was still being worked on. I was experimenting with interesting approaches, and part of that nodes approach involves teleporting. I’ll check to make sure it didn’t break AND to make it seem deliberate instead of bugged.
- Made it seem deliberate with displayed dialogue, but I will investigate it more. Not tested.


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