SNES Shadowrun


I began implementing Drake Tower’s logic.
The NPCs are all in the correct locations.
They should be approximately balanced as well.
Later this week I will be implementing the logic for the scenes and then after that the matrix.


the turrets on the security level i was thinking of being able to hack them from the reception computer?? that … or be able to take some damage and go to the next level and hack them.. (OR have fake ids and disguises) also i figure the mainframe ‘vault’ could contain some vital clue or large amount of nuyen once you get access to it. im not sure how logic works exactly but the levels of the building should be small enough to fit 2 or 3 on the same ‘map’…

anyways have fun with the mission you have my official permission to not stay 100% to the original :P


You’ve got some good ideas there.
I definitely think I’ll include a disguise option.
Some hacking options for the turrets is a good idea as well…

ledeir ledeir

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