SNES Shadowrun


- Included fan requested, and voted for, image of Anders.
- Began balancing Rust Stilletos map. The outside map should be properly balanced and most likely beatable without support if you fought your way out of the caryards.

This is my last update before the weekend.


I’ll include the missing rust stilettos in the kitchen then and work them into the spawn triggers.

If you ask me we should make the balance so hard that hired help if often required for the main quests :)


Including the missing stilettos – sounds good.
As for difficulty, using orifice (75 karma) as my main character it was a close call whether or not he made it through the entrance and he definitely needed to heal after. I’m definitely thinking it will be a tough fight.
I will probably adjust the grenadier again, because I don’t really want him using that animation (you’ll understand when you try).
When I get back from NYCC I’ll work on balancing inside, so it would be great if you could get me an undated copy with the extra stilettos by then.
The latest version is in the dropbox.


ok, have fun at the convention!


The difficulty should match up with the SNES original as much as possible imo. Not everyone likes to need to take runners with them. Some people prefer solo-ing everything, which you could do just fine in the SNES game if you grinding karma enough.

ledeir ledeir

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