SNES Shadowrun


- The pack got corrupted. Fortunately I take daily backups. I don’t think any work was lost.
- Changed Rust Stiletto boss logic to unlock Jagged Nails
- Verified Anders is hire-able and that he will follow you to the Rat Shaman map.
- Added real armor to old town shop. Can be purchased from shop interface.
- Replaced “fake” armor jacket with starter armor.


Whoa, any idea what caused the corruption? Nice on the daily backups.


No clue though its not the first time it happened.
Something caused the module to save as data only, no story, which means all the variables were lost.
It was possibly related to the editor crashing on me when I opened it…


Whats the reason for the changed Jagged Nails unlock? Was anything wrong with the way it was done before?


Some people were using older versions without the proper logic. This meant the counter wasn’t getting set properly so that was the easiest work around.

On a side note though, even if we don’t use them, variables like “JaggedNailOpen” or what not could be useful in the future. When you load a character into a new module, I believe all the story variables transfer, so we could utilize them in “shadowrun two”

ledeir ledeir

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