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Snes ground stepset2x n

eye spy someone is making props for Bremerton! this image is from the 2x version of some prop from the docks set. set the stairs to ground and the rails to props and use invisible solid blocks for clipping issues. bit of greening up, resizing and should work. if its not enough space to walk on then the steps can easily be 2 tiles worth wide.

similar deal for this one:

Snes ground streetstepsset2x n

the side of the stairs can be included as part of the steps image – or set as an under ground tile. any tiles (walls or floor) displayed behind the steps will have to be set as under ground tiles – ie the grass out the front of the Aneki building. alternatively specific wall tiles could be created to fit the edge of the steps.

some windows & edging, the window glows are best inputted as unlit props – wall decorations and example of this applied is bottom left. possible to knock these back to 80% alpha

Snes building windowsset n

heres some props for guard towers and corporate buildings i figure the guard towers might be good for the arena Snes building corpset n

a whole bunch of signage, most would be unlit props except for the floor level numbers and the Grim Reaper sign. couldnt find a matching font for drake corp though looks ok

Snes signs set n

btw this is thomas here – @Gribs all these posted are png and ready to cut/paste and put into the editor as props

3-10-13 = Snes signs set2 n aneki and better font for jagged nails


Wow :)

Is the green, circuit-like one, for the jagged nails?


cheers :D yep not sure about the font myself


You’ve certainly been busy. It will be good to have stairs which actually belong outside.


yeh a few weeks back i had ambitions of making a prop pack for the original syndicate game.. hence the towers, its a lot more work than it sounded so its shelved atm :P who is uploading the props to the master copy of snes rebooted? its Gribs yeh?


Its whoever gets around to it first really. (Sadly my own schedule has been extra busy lately)


Ah, hey there. We ought to get in the same thread with our art. I didn’t know there was another prop artist so I was just making things on request.

Fortunately, I am keeping the requests limited to specific areas and things.

My primary focus is on 3D character props.


Wow, I completely failed my perception check.
I feel terrible admitting this, but I was confused about who posted! It hadn’t dawned on me that it was Thomas instead of Gribs!
This is why I’m not a manager at my day job ;)


hahah rolled a 1 there Ledeir! hoi Gribs i was uploading some screeners and saw a floor and a silo thingy all greened up for bremerton i figure thats you. i also figured if you are going to use those steps i posted its better if you colour them for consistencys sake. i vote for using the adventure log for all discussions eh – makes everything easy to find – unless people feel its spammy. @Foh right click the image ‘view image’ for a closer look. im gonna hunt for a different font for the jagged nails and a new one for aneki – any feedback on the signage is welcome they are easily changed.


OK, Adventure log it is then. Talk later!


Are these assets fine for the community to use in their own projects? Not a whole lot of asset packs out there for Shadowrun Returns currently. The outside stairs + windows would be very handy to many people I’d bet.


@JasonFree go for it, (cept for the snes specific ones). these will be going into my content pack ‘geeked’ which i plan to update early next week.


I meant to reply to this earlier!
Its entirely up to the individual prop authors what they do with them outside of this project.
I fully encourage them to share!

ledeir ThomasSmart

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