SNES Shadowrun

Sorry for the silence!

Sorry for the unexplained silence. I was down with the flu and this is the first time I’ve been able to focus on the computer.

On the plus side, Brian from HBS knows why publishing the module was not working and it should be fixed by release. I also have a workaround to try, which may or may not work.

Also, we are making progress dividing up the workload for future scenes. Not all have been claimed so I’ll be posting a call for help to the Shadowrun forums shortly.


Looking forward to this, i hope you get to feeling better.

Sorry for the silence!

I’m doing better and should complete a couple scenes this week. (which also means more videos probably)
I’m also going to add a temporary “status” scene to the demo… Reminding people that its a demo and giving them options to skip the buggy prologue, telling major issues, and, probably letting them set the difficulty as well. (granted this currently only impacts the spawn frequency)
But I’ll save more detail for a future update ;)

Sorry for the silence!
ledeir ledeir

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