SNES Shadowrun

QA Training paid off!


It took several hours of investigating and trial and error BUT I found out what was causing the problem with the ghouls. I still had to implement a workaround, but hopefully the HBS devs will be able to fix it so YOU my loyal readers (and team members) won’t have to face the same problem.

Ghouls are now behaving normally.

Almost all the logic the cemetery requires is in place, including the scalpel and the injured shaman. I will put together a video of the cemetery on Monday most likely. Unless my convention planning goes much quicker than expected, I need to focus my efforts on that.

Fortunately the Tenth Street demo is mostly ready (for alpha release) so I don’t need to spend much time on it at the moment. I’m mostly waiting for the dev’s (who are quite busy getting the official game ready!) to help with my publishing problem. I’ll try to find a solution on my own, but it might be more productive to simply wait for them to fix the bug.

I look forward to getting this module out the door!

Good night.


ledeir ledeir

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