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Today’s status is fairly short, this week is a little busy at the moment. Still, I wanted to share some progress. Also I wanted to let people know I probably won’t have much time to work on the module tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll try to find sometime, but any progress I make will be small.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still well ahead of schedule! Also, I’ve been putting together a decent sized group of people who will help with the later scenes. If things go well we will have 3 people in addition to myself working on scenes once the editor is released!

Also, to those of you who are regularly checking the status. I encourage you to send your thoughts and suggestions! Either comment on the wiki itself or send me (Ledeir) a message on the shadowrun forums!


  • Finished stat’ing out all hireable shadowrunners. They still need to be balanced though.
Runner Class Karma
Hamfist Decker 42
Jagadance Mage 60
Orifice Street Sam 60
Dances (with clams) Shaman 75
Frogtongue Street Sam 182
Anders Street Sam 224
Jetboy Decker 42
Norbert Street Sam 134
Kitsune Shaman 138
Splatter Mage 99
Steelflight Decker 171
Akimi Mage 127
  • Implemented XP / Nuyen gain mechanic.
NPC Nuyen Tag Karma Tag
Mage (1) N10_20 XP2
Heavy Dude Melee (1) N10_20 XP2
Heavy Dude Range (1) N10_20 XP2
  • Nuyen gain is working fine in test room.
  • XP gain and Karma conversion working fine in test room.

To Do

  • Test XP / Karma gain in ALL rooms.


ledeir ledeir

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