SNES Shadowrun

The Final Morgue Video

As promised, here is the Morgue video showing the different reactions when you return to the Morgue.

The Morgue Cliff Notes Version

You can skip the beginning if you saw the earlier videos, all that changed was the lighting. You can see the reactions while you have on The Shades and while you have The Lone Star Badge.

In other news… So many bugs!
I walked through the game to generate this and fixed another batch of bugs.

  • I FINALLY fixed the dog’s behavior in the Town Center. That’s been wonky for a while.
  • I fixed the infinite spawn rooms yet again. Such a simple concept has so many flaws.
  • Random dialogue fixes.

My next steps before releasing the alpha module

  • Release SNES_Resource content pack.
  • Implement Karma and nuyen drops
  • Implement Armor
  • Implement Hitmen
  • Implement “End Scene” (something simple which says the module is over, play the full version)


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