SNES Shadowrun

Keywords, Enemies, Bugs!

Another quick update. I accidentally fell asleep last night, so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. Still, I’ll been plugging away at it again today.


  • Fixed Spawn Room logic (disabled until interact with door)
  • Added Enemies to Spawn Room
  • Re-statted enemies
  • Created SNES_Resource content pack to help in development.
  • Keyword implementation (I take back my previous statement, its straight forward to implement, but takes forever to do so!)
  • Business Man tried to participate in combat. He wasn’t set to non-com.
  • Walkthrough to verify keyword usage.

TO DO (some is repeat from last update)

  • Fix Movement lag (Decker)
  • Dog behavior in center
  • Fix logic for Jake’s apartment door to make more obvious you can goto his room.
  • Need to enable Grinder and ticket keywords. This is done by The Cage.

My original plan for the Tenth Street Demo to NOT include The Cage. I forgot that the bouncer was the one who gave you the Tickets keyword which opened up EVERYTHING else. So, The Cage will be included. I will map it out today. This means the only thing which will be missing from the Demo is The Cemetery and the Hitmen.


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