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optional end scene

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i wondered if we can put in background images to scenes so here’s my attempt. if we want to emulate the pace of the dms endgame this could be a scene used to tie up the story.


Having some sort of tie up scene is probably important.
How did you add the background image?

optional end scene

i guess you could create this very cool view by having that backbround pickture on a gigantic floor tile.

optional end scene

its already a working ‘underfloor’ tile – only 741 kb. the scene is working – called aferglow, prop is in the (snes) folder of props. the prop is set to ‘unlit’ so no need for 3Ding it with bounding boxes. its a free google image pic i grabbed and ‘clone tool’-ed to make wider. put some tree silhouettes around the sides and base to frame it up. added a bit a green mist over the city, i also added a few bits to the horizon. have a walk around in it, its strange to have 2 perspectives at once but it kinda works.

the plan is to make it a convincing seattle 2050 cityscape that; if you look closely you can see smoke piling out of a destroyed Aneki building. i dont know enough about seattle 2050 to be 100% accurate. but i know vaguely the sears tower is still there and theres lots of water on one side of it. if anyone can direct me to pics of 2050 seattle cityscapes id be grateful.

story-wise; the pestvan is the getaway van (a fan hint to dms – ‘things to come’ trope)(im my mind Akumi has this all set up way ahead of time – they all have fake id’s pest control uniforms etc). as Renraku is mighty pissed (and even if the runners have pleased Lofwyr?) the runners need to get off the grid – very probably to another city. (could be vegas – good place for jake to lose all his money in shadowrun 2) but to leave it open – the last line of dialogue could be from jake “Let’s dissapear!”

the aim of tying up the story imo is to have the player able to jump directly to dms without too many unanswered questions or continue onto a middle story of Jake losing his money and the playing out of the next chapter of Kitsune and Steelflight.

speaking of Kitsune, its cheeky but we could hassle HBS to make a custom 3d model for her, (or simply a costume with fox ears and tail) just for this snes reboot. once this project is at working alpha v2 or something it wouldn’t be a huge ask. not too much work for them and we get an iconic character looking just right.

optional end scene

sorry the scene is called ‘mission complete’

optional end scene
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