SNES Shadowrun

mapmaking update

some shots of Drakes Stronghold… sub1 and sub2 – both done pretty much

2013 09 26 00010
2013 09 26 00013
2013 09 26 00020
2013 09 26 00022
2013 09 27 00003
2013 09 27 00005

and Foh (i assume) has made the jagged nails – looking sweet!

Dt jagged nails20130926


Yep, the jagged nails was me.
I used the “bizzarre neon” light setting from the post you recommended. Turned out quiet nice i think.

Just changed Kitsune to be on the dancefloor insted of a stage and thought it would be funny to have that look like the matrix because it is the club where the best decker in the game hangs out ^^

After taking that screenshot i realized that i forgot the payphone. In game there is a payphone next to the door that leads to the dancefloor.

mapmaking update

Foh – As usual you did a nice job.
Thomas – Should I plan on copying your files in? Or are you still working on them?

mapmaking update

yeh man the lighting is nice! matrix is a nice touch :) ah dont upload any of the volcano maps yet, ill finish the set then review them.

mapmaking update

Dang, these all look fantastic; nicely done!

mapmaking update
ledeir ThomasSmart

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