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drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

sub 3

2013 09 29 00013

2013 09 29 00015

2013 09 29 00014

2013 09 29 00017

2013 09 27 00005

sub 4

2013 09 29 00021

2013 09 29 00022

2013 09 29 00002

2013 09 29 00004

2013 09 29 00020

2013 09 29 00019

2013 09 29 00011


How soon until I should start copying files into the master build?

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

its as good as it will get without custom props, gameplay application and playtesting. some parts of the sub4 map are a bit overscaled imo, but all the bascis are there.

so …now

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

Sounds good. I’ll try and merge it in tonight or tomorrow.

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

I’ve been working on breaking your maps into separate scenes for a few days now.
I really like how your maps look, at least in the editor, I haven’t looked at them “live” yet.
Sadly my computer really can’t handle editing them well!
I’ve lost track of how many times the editor crashed on me :(
Regardless, I know it will be worthwhile when its merged in!

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

yeh ive noticed the editor has only so much grunt to it, thats a huge file you are working with there it gets pretty chuggy testing the scene … also adding props to a content pack the editor regularly gets to about 10 and then crashes out. ah well it does work eventually :D

thanks man im really happy with the lighting, throw a vault door in there an we gots ourselves a nice fallout 2 easter-egg :P (ive looked and id have to paint one myself from scratch -it may happen) ive made several extra bits to the maps that are workable for new gameplay but also easy enough to close off and not use without any dramas.

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

I think I figured out what was causing all the crashes, I think it happened when I tried deleting something while an object was highlighted in the side menu. Or it could have just been a fluke.

I FINALLY finished adding the maps. It probably took me longer to break it into small chunks than it took you to make it! :P

I like the vault door easter egg idea ;)

And now the bad news. Your screenshots looked good, BUT the lighting was MUCH too dark when I tried to walk through it. I couldn’t see the paths when my monitor was on max brightness! Think you can play with the camera region numbers to get something brighter which still preserves the mood? You had 96/40/0 and I temporarily increased it so I could see.

The maps look excellent though!

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

strange that, as you can see from the screeners its different on my screen.. hmmm maybe its your screen? all the levels are the same lighting apart from the helipad from memory.. so i dunno what to do really it was the only really nice combo i could come up with…

also im not sure of the workflow of how i would edit the content pack myself – can you explain that to me? i mean how does everyone work on it without saving over each others work?

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

we basically try not to work in the same scnenes at the same time and i regulary send my files (the complete content pack as it is on my machine) to ledeir and he then merges them into the whole pack :)

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

i get it – so send a rar via email?

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

The latest file is in the dropbox.
I can also email it to you.
The volcano scenes are all labeled DV_something.
Your original is in there still, but that’s because I forgot to delete it.
Let me know if I accidentally put them in the wrong order!

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4

And if you want a little more detail on the merging process, I do a file by file, difference by difference comparison of the project using winmerge and combine everything together.

Most of the time I can simply copy files over completely, but occasionally I need to pick and choose individual changes because two of us changed a project at the same time.

drake stronghold - sub 3 and sub 4
ledeir ThomasSmart

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