SNES Shadowrun

Breaking the silence

Sorry for the lack of updates here. None of the progress has been really dramatic so aside from the change log I haven’t seen much reason to comment on it.

I’m slowly plugging away a bug here an update there… We actually are up to V3.0.6 now, so its been 6 (small) updates since we went live on Director’s Cut.

In other news, here’s some Halloween Cheer.


hoi where are we up to with this?

Breaking the silence

I’m still (very) slowly plugging away on Drake Tower and random bug fixes.

Anything after Drake has yet to be touched. If I remember right you had wanted to do Aneki…

Breaking the silence

yeh thats still a wip – though ive got a fairly decent framework so far

Breaking the silence

Sadly its hard to find the time to truly concentrate on things… It makes me sad because I want to finish!

Breaking the silence
ledeir ledeir

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